Subscription Services vs. Individual Sales

If you are a business owner that operates a SaaS company or any other service that sells products through E-Commerce, you might have come across this choice before in developing your business model. Many companies have sold products through either one-time sales or subscription services, but what are the differences? Which one is better? [Read more…]

The 5 Most Important Google Analytics Reports and Metrics

Some new website owners are just not going to get into Google Analytics. Hook up the little Javascript code and gather all the data you want, but some small business owners and internet hopefuls are just not going to go in there. It’s a powerful tool, and not just for website owners.

For all those doing marketing, communications, public relations or any type of effort that involves interaction with a website, Google Analytics is what you’re going to rely on to gather data. [Read more…]

Egoless by design

You’ve sat, you’ve drank tea (herbal or otherwise), coffee (with or without the caffeine) and had more than your fair share of chocolate fingers (yes, we did notice, we were just too polite to say).

The result? A stunning idea. So stunning in fact that both you and your colleagues have been wondering where exactly it came from. No matter. Come it did, and it was all yours, baby. [Read more…]